Achieve life goals as you build a more powerful self identity.

Are you at a standstill in the professional goals you have for yourself? Or perhaps you have had great success in your professional life, while the rest of your life falls apart?

As a certified coach, my intention is to help women solopreneurs and aspiring solopreneurs to step into their full potential in all areas of life: values, family, career, and personal.  My clients describe my coaching style as inspiring, practical, and compassionate - providing strategy and insight to professional and personal success. 

I have a 3-session minimum for new clients: First session: 1 hour - intention / goal-setting. The second and third session are 30 minutes.  Please contact me or fill out the session form to learn more.

Coaching Credentials: Certified ICAN Lead Coach; graduate of ICAN Institute, ICAN Lead program; PSI Seminar graduate, Principia graduate, and PSI Basic monitor. Voted in PSI Women's Leadership peer group Top 3 in "Leadership Quality." 25+ years of coaching thousands of women business owners.

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Tried-and-true entrepreneurial wisdom from a woman's perspective.

Looking to inspire a group or team?

Earning my own success as a Mom, wife, and successful entrepreneur, I have earned features in promotional videos, magazines, spoke in stadiums, networking events and even high school classrooms. My intention with every audience is to inspire, give strategic / practical tools, humor and play, and most of all so that others can connect with a woman who has "been there," knows the challenges of life and how to come out stronger on the other side.

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Seeds of Entrepreneurial Wisdom
Strategic Action Planning
Mindset of A Successful Entrepreneur

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Recent talks and speeches
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St. Paul, Twin Cities Director's Meeting: Mindset and Emotions for a Strong Finish
St. Paul, eWomen Network: Seeds of Entrepreneurial Wisdom
St Croix Valley Girls, Networking, 2016: Seeds of Entrepreneurial Wisdom
Women's Business Bridge, 2016: Strategic Action Planning

Dallas Convention Center: Developing Key People
Minneapolis Career Conference: Becoming A Master Communicator
Leadership, Director's Meeting: Growing Up to Be A Top Leader
Dallas, Seminar: Tips for Consistent Sales Achievement
Phoenix, Leadership Summit: Developing New Leaders in Your Organization

Minneapolis Career Conference: Overcoming Fear of Moving Up


Minneapolis Career Conference: Developing Strong Leaders in Your Organization
Power Call Recording: The Psychology of Selling
Dallas, Seminar, Top Leaders: Obtaining Peak Performance


Dallas, Seminar Convention Center: How to Motivate Women to Move into Leadership
Minneapolis Workshop: Behind the Scenes; Attitude and Strategy
Atlanta, National Director's Meeting: Education and Support that Produces Leaders
Minneapolis Area Workshop: How to Network for New Business
Power Call Recording: Thinking Abundantly
Dallas Seminar: Turning Points
Twin Cities Workshop: How to Network and Develop New Business
Minneapolis Career Conference: Top Achiever Awards Speech

Dallas, Seminar: Money Matters for Successful Business

Director's Meeting: 3 Pillars that Create 80-Percent of Your Success
Minneapolis Career Conference: Achievement Acceptance Speech
Minneapolis Area Workshop: Building a Solid Base of Customers
Dallas, Diamond Seminar: Developing Leadership Skills at Success Meetings
Minneapolis Career Conference, Leadership Class: Leading By Example
St. Paul Director Debut: The Power of One Woman with A Dream
Nashville Leadership Workshop: Being Proactive


Minneapolis Career Conference: Building Organization
Dallas Workshop: Developing Leaders
Long Beach, Convention Center: Living A Legacy